Knauf launches safer ceiling roll

Knauf Insulation has launched Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack), a competitively priced non-combustible insulation which offers better thermal performance than PET (polyester) insulation.

Knauf’s Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) is a two-in-one glass mineral wool insulation roll designed to offer installers maximum flexibility. Each pack provides a total length of 27m. This can be achieved by splitting the roll, without the need for tools, into two layers, each 50mm deep.

Knauf’s Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack). Image credit: Knauf

Knauf’s Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack). Image credit: Knauf

Alternatively, the roll can be installed at 100mm depth to provide 13.5m of insulation. The rolls can easily be cut to suit joist centres. With Knauf’s unique compression technology, a single roll contains as much as 32.4m2 of 50mm insulation.

With more product per pack than standard glass mineral wool rolls or polyester packs, installers can transport far more in a single trip, need less storage space and have less fetching and carrying to do around the job site.

Ceiling Roll (Multi Pack) has a Euroclass A1 non-combustible reaction to fire classification and is also certified under local SANS 10177 parts 5 and 10 A/A1 for fire. The product is manufactured using ECOSE® Technology, Knauf’s patented sustainable bio-based binder that contains no added phenol or formaldehyde.