Registration open for steelChallenge

Registration is now open for the World Steel Association (worldsteel) 13th edition of steelChallenge.


Registration for the 13th edition of steelChallenge is now open. Credit: wordsteel

steelChallenge is a competition where students and industry employees can test their skills using the sophisticated online process simulations delivered by steeluniversity, an initiative of worldsteel, non-profit organisation representing the global steel sector.

worldsteel members represent about 85% of the world’s steel production, including over 160 steel producers with nine of the 10 largest steel companies, national and regional steel industry associations, and steel research institutes.

steeluniversity is an industry university, delivering education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses. The goal of steeluniversity is to inspire and motivate students and steel industry people about the value of working in the steel industry to lead change for realising a more sustainable industry that serves a more sustainable world.

steelChallenge-13 will be take place over two rounds – the Regional Championship will take place online on 28 November 2018. Participants will access the competition from the steeluniversity website and will have 24 hours to record at least three successful runs of the basic oxygen steelmaking and secondary steelmaking simulations; producing the required steel at the lowest cost.

The finalists for the World Championship include the top student and industry person in each of the regions plus the student and industry person with the next best result worldwide. The four regions are North and South America; Europe, CIS, Middle East and Africa; Asia and Oceania; and China. The World Championship will be in person on 16 April 2018 in Madrid, Spain.

The regional champions receive a cash prize, a travel allowance to attend the World Championship in Madrid, a tablet and a certificate. They will also gain recognition as the global industry’s promising new generation of metallurgists and will be featured on steeluniversity’s website. The World Champions will take home the steelChallenge trophy and receive an additional cash prize and certificate.

The student and industry participants with the best global score in steelChallenge-13, but who are not regional champions, are also invited to the World Championship round. Participants can register for steelChallenge-13 now at: Registration is free for students; there is a small fee for industry employees.